Nature's Marvel
Emperor Dumbo — Rare Deep-sea Dwelling Creature

Dumbo octopuses are rare deep-sea living creatures named after the “flying elephant” — a character from a Walt Disney movie, because of its exceptionally large ears just like the fins of the Dumbo octopuses.

Sidra Kazmi
Leaf Sheep ? Solar-powered Sea Slug

The adorable algae eater and solar-powered sea creature is capable of supplementing its diet uniquely through photosynthesis.

Sidra Kazmi
Stromatolites — Earliest known lifeforms on Earth

Stromatolites play a significant role in the evolution of life on earth as they contribute to the production of 20% of the oxygen content present in the earth's atmosphere.

Sidra Kazmi
Superb Lyrebird — A Superb Mimicker

The Superb Lyrebird is an ecosystem engineer renowned for precisely mimicking various sounds that they include in their sexual displays.

Sidra Kazmi
Discovery of Three New Species and a Subspecies of Tiger Moth

Scientists have discovered three new species and a subspecies of moth new to science.

Aparna Sureshchandra Kalawate, K.P. Dinesh & A. Shabnam
Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat — World’s Smallest Mammal

It is the smallest mammal in the world with only 29-33 mm (1.14-1.29 in) head-body length, weighing 1.7-2 g (0.05-0.07 oz) and possessing a wingspan of approximately 130-145 mm (5.1-5.7 in).

Khushboo Shrivastava
Weaver Birds: Coexisting with humans

The home gardens of Assam have become the best abode for these tiny feathery creatures

Yashmita Ulman
A Bizarre Creature with Surprising Abilities

A creature inhabited the Earth some 500 million years before the advent of humans on this planet, but we still do not know if it’s an animal, or if it’s a fungus or it’s something between the two.

P.K. Mukherjee
Guácharo (Oilbird) — Unique & Intriguing Avian Frugivore

The forager of night, Oilbird (Steatornis caripensis) which is locally known as guacharo is the only specie in genus Steatornis and the world’s only nocturnal flying fruit-feeder bird.

Sonali Nagar
World’s Most Attractive Jewel Caterpillar

Jewel Caterpillar (Acraga coa) or slug caterpillar is one of the world’s most stunning caterpillars with a gooey appearance and a fat body.