Nature's Marvel
A Bizarre Life-cycle

A marsupial called Antechinus or marsupial mouse was completely immersed in its “once in a lifetime affair” – mating.

Anubha Das
Axolotl — Mexico's Amphibian with Unique Regenerating Abilities

Axolotls are known to be attractive model organisms among scientists and studies on their genome are being carried out to unravel the reasons behind their regenerating abilities.

Sidra Kazmi
Emperor Dumbo — Rare Deep-sea Dwelling Creature

Dumbo octopuses are rare deep-sea living creatures named after the “flying elephant” — a character from a Walt Disney movie, because of its exceptionally large ears just like the fins of the Dumbo octopuses.

Sidra Kazmi
Leaf Sheep ? Solar-powered Sea Slug

The adorable algae eater and solar-powered sea creature is capable of supplementing its diet uniquely through photosynthesis.

Sidra Kazmi
Stromatolites — Earliest known lifeforms on Earth

Stromatolites play a significant role in the evolution of life on earth as they contribute to the production of 20% of the oxygen content present in the earth's atmosphere.

Sidra Kazmi
Superb Lyrebird — A Superb Mimicker

The Superb Lyrebird is an ecosystem engineer renowned for precisely mimicking various sounds that they include in their sexual displays.

Sidra Kazmi
Discovery of Three New Species and a Subspecies of Tiger Moth

Scientists have discovered three new species and a subspecies of moth new to science.

Aparna Sureshchandra Kalawate, K.P. Dinesh & A. Shabnam
Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat — World’s Smallest Mammal

It is the smallest mammal in the world with only 29-33 mm (1.14-1.29 in) head-body length, weighing 1.7-2 g (0.05-0.07 oz) and possessing a wingspan of approximately 130-145 mm (5.1-5.7 in).

Khushboo Shrivastava
Weaver Birds: Coexisting with humans

The home gardens of Assam have become the best abode for these tiny feathery creatures

Yashmita Ulman
A Bizarre Creature with Surprising Abilities

A creature inhabited the Earth some 500 million years before the advent of humans on this planet, but we still do not know if it’s an animal, or if it’s a fungus or it’s something between the two.

P.K. Mukherjee