Nature's Marvel
Bird’s Hanging Nest — Invasion Defense

Predators are kept out of these nests because of the complex design.

It's rock...It's snow...It's Arctic Hare

With exceptional physiological adaptations, the Arctic Hare survives in extreme climatic conditions.

Raghul MR
Bleeding Tooth Mushroom

The bleeding tooth mushroom can ooze out red colour fluid as if it had been pricked with a needle.

Sidra Kazmi
Creeping Devil Cactus that Wanders in the Desert

One of the most remarkable succulents on the planet is the "creeping devil" cactus, scientifically known as Stenocereus eruca – sometimes referred to as the wandering cactus of Baja California Sur.

Sidra Kazmi
Gympie-Gympie A Deadly Plant with Painful Sting

Its venomous sting is known to inflict pain that lasts for days and is extremely painful.

Sidra Kazmi
Sarcastic Fringehead The Fish that Kisses its Enemies

Instead of attacking the other fish, the two fringeheads will engage in mouth-wrestling.

Sidra Kazmi
Denmark Strait Cataract — World’s Largest Waterfall beneath Ocean

The world’s most astonishing largest undersea waterfall is three times the height of the Angel Falls, in the Denmark Strait between Iceland and Greenland.

Sonali Nagar
Desert Mistletoe — A Tree thief

Desert Mistletoe, stealing nutrients and water from its host trees.

Sidra Kazmi
Zombie Ants: A Case of Perfect Puppetry

They have earned the name “carpenter ants” as they construct their nest by excavating damp wood, making tunnels/galleries through it and hollowing it from inside, a trait that turns them into wonderful forest engineers.

Anubha Das
Nano-chameleon World’s Tiniest Reptile

The newly discoveredNano-chameleon is thesmallest out of 11,500known species ofreptiles.

Sidra Kazmi