Science Fiction
Gaia: The Story of Survival of Human Species

Johnston had an incredible authority over the field of space that was challenged by few people on Gaia and it stemmed from mainly two factors – one was his intellect and the other his ancestry.

Siddhant Gokhale

My mentor had taken over my body, my mind. I couldn't protest, not anymore. Tears rolled down my face, one of the guards closed my eyes.

Ishanavi Dhiman
The Network

A long, irritating hiss, the sound of decompression, rattled the still air. Emerging from a deep, artificially induced slumber, Richard Watkins groaned, opening his eyes a few millimetres and attempted to rise.

Amogh Kannan

I often wonder about the purpose of everyone’s existence. And I don’t mean humans alone. I mean all the living creatures across the universe.

Suchetan S. Mummigatti

Four men were having a heated discussion on the article that had made to the headlines of the newspaper.

Gariyashi Deka