Science Fiction
Fates Intertwined

Delve into the world of fiction where a guest from a different planet visits earth and explore the nature of earth and human behaviour.

G Srivani
The Phantom of the Mind

Delve into the fiction in which a young girl unravel the conspiracy — where every human on earth could be controlled and manipulated at the click of a button. 

Sanah Kumar
Cosmic Convergence: The Tale of Dr Carter and Dr Reed

Delve into the fiction and find out that when brilliant minds put aside rivalry and join forces for the betterment of all, they can actually make humanity proud.

Akanksha Upadhyay
A Piece of Moon

Explore the world of fiction by delving into the captivating story where humans have settled on the moon as the earth is not habitable due to human’s never ending greed and repeating the same on moon. But still, a hope left!

Monalisa Paul
In the Quest of Truth

Explore the world of fiction by delving into the captivating story and get to know how the main character of the story finds out the truth behind the mysterious death of her brothers. 

Nandini Killa


Aryan Menon


Amaan Tariq
It’s Not Dark Yet…

The story beautifully tries to explain the side effects of light pollution on the environment keeping focus on birds.

Monalisa Paul
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The Sole Soul

I don’t know if I can survive like this. Food is scarce and hydration is limited to filtered urine.

Aryan Menon