Science Fiction
East and West

Indian-style toilets or squat toilets are more hygienic. It is always advisable to use them in public places, especially after any pandemic as there is no direct contact of the body with the toilet seat.

Monalisa Paul

Dhun's door clicked open like it did every day, at 7:00 A.M.

Shruti M.
He, She and IT

“Hey when did you come honey?” Praful asked his ‘weekendwife’ mischievously, actually the name ‘weekend wife’ isgiven to Sadhana by Param, Praful’s best friend.

Sapna Katti

When Dr Maitreyi Ojasvi planned to have a baby, WOW was an obvious choice. As a skilled astronaut, she had frequent assignments in various space stations, and it was risky for pregnant women to undertake space travel often. 

The Machine

Humanoid robots are robots that resemble human beings; they can be so realistic that one may find it difficult to identify them as non-human.

Tirtha Pratim Das
A Wise Wedding

Gyaan never missed a single sunrise in his life since he learnt riding a bicycle. His morning regime starts with breathing exercises followed by a long cycling session, reaching up to the cliff end.

Monalisa Paul
The Girl and The Glowing Tree

The urge to visit that enigmatic forest grew inside Maudie day after day. It was very famous in the city, but she did not know the mystery behind it.

Monalisa Paul

wake up in a cold dark room. I can barely get up. My movements are limited – I try to ?ex my ?ngers and to – oh!  There are no toes.

Beas Chattaraj
Gaia: The Story of Survival of Human Species

Johnston had an incredible authority over the field of space that was challenged by few people on Gaia and it stemmed from mainly two factors – one was his intellect and the other his ancestry.

Siddhant Gokhale

My mentor had taken over my body, my mind. I couldn't protest, not anymore. Tears rolled down my face, one of the guards closed my eyes.

Ishanavi Dhiman