Book Review
Exploring Socio-cultural Aspects of Nanotech in India

Nanoscal provides deep insights into social, cultural, geographical and other factors that play a role in shaping nanotechnology development in India.

Dinesh C Sharma
The Computer Revolution

The book focusses on 15 inventions, starting with the Fortran programming language which in 1957 exploded the number of people who could control a mainframe computer, from the small numbers who could write in the binary code of ones and zeros to anyone who could remember instructions in simple English.

Anand Parthasarathy
Space Assets and National Security

The space race of the 1950s culminated in making space assets a crucial part of the defence system of most countries.

Kuldip Singh Dhir
Butterflies of the World

Like most people, I too had an obsession for the prettiest and modest Insects – the Butterflies.

S. Suresh Ramanan
Around the World in 80

This book dramatically titled Around the World in 80 Trees recounts the tales of trees in a simple and elegant way in 236 pages.

S. Suresh Ramanan
Know the past, comprehend the present, prepare for the future

Yuval Noah Harari’s latest book needs to be read after you have digested his Sapiens and before or after you have read through his Homo Deus.

G. Venkatesh