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N RamdasIyerAppointed as Director, National Science Centre

N RamdasIyer, has taken over as the Director of the National Science Centre, Delhi, with charge of all science centres of the National Council of Science Museums in the North of India.

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Announcement of CSIR Logo Designing Competition 2022 Prize Winners

80 Years of CSIR’S contribution to Indian S&T.

NASA Reveals Webb Telescope’s First Images of Unseen Universe

“We present humanity with a groundbreaking new view of the cosmos from the James Webb Space Telescope – a view the world has never seen before,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

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The Higgs boson, ten years after its discovery

The landmark discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider exactly ten years ago, and the progress made since then to determine its properties, have allowed physicists to make tremendous steps forward in our understanding of the universe.

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Increasing heat waves affect up to half a billion people in South Asia

Higher temperature will occur more frequently in India and Pakistan in the future. It may have a direct effect on up to half a billion people.

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IIT Kanpur develops solar energy-based Root Zone Heating system and Vermi-Bed method for plants in high altitude areas

The novel technology will reduce the scarcity of fresh vegetables and mitigate effective organic waste management in high-altitude areas

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‘Snapping’ Footwear to Help Prevent Diabetic Foot Complications

The footwear can be especially beneficial for people who have diabetic peripheral neuropathy – those who suffer from nerve damage caused by diabetes, leading to a loss of sensation in the foot.

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Novel strategy to make fast-charging solid-state batteries

Findings are a critical step forward in realising practical and commercial solid-state batteries.

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How Randomly Moving Electrons can Improve Cyber Security

In IISc’s breakthrough TRNG device, random numbers are generated using the random motion of electrons.

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IIT Gandhinagar Research to Reduce the Damage to Power Transmission Systems in Coastal Areas under Cyclonic Scenarios

The team used damage-cum-wind speed data of Cyclone Fani in Odisha to develop a fragility model for towers.

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