CSIR Nurturing Innovation: Interview with Dr N. Kalaiselvi, DG-CSIR

“CSIR has always had an environment and a culture that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship” — Dr N. Kalaiselvi

India’s Future is in Innovation — Make Education More Creative

While creativity and innovation are often thought of as separate entities, they are interconnected and can reinforce each other. Creativity can inspire innovation, and innovation can drive creativity.

A.K. Bakhshi and Priyanka Thakral
Promoting and Nurturing Grassroots Innovations Atmanirbharta from Bottom-up Creativity

Grassroots innovations emerge to address unmet (or sub-optimally met) social and technological needs. They address the inertia of the formal institutions of public policy and market as well as some of the informal community institutions

Anamika Dey and Anil Gupta
Nurturing Deep Science Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in India C-CAMP — A World-class Model

Deep Science Entrepreneurship as an entrepreneurial venture that commercialises and scales a scientific advancement that is novel, breakthrough or first-in-class is a vehicle that helps achieve this goal.

Taslimarif Saiyed and Debarshini Chakraborty
Resilient India’s Innovative Journey

The world's most inventive economies are represented by the Global Innovative Index. The ranking of a nation's rating is determined by a number of factors, such as its success and capability for innovation.

Dr N.K. Prasanna and Dr S.K. Varshney
Promoting a Culture of Innovations in India

With innovation and entrepreneurship high on the developmental agenda, several government initiatives are directed towards promoting and nurturing innovation at various levels and in several sectors in India.

Rewarding Innovations

Several awards are being given to innovators by organisations to promote a culture of innovation.

Undertaking Scientific Social Responsibility an academic pursuit and a moral duty

Scientists in research institutes need to tell people about their mandate and their contributions and scientists need to share the knowledge created with the masses –beingscientifically socially responsible

Monika Koul and Nandini Killa
Expanding the knowledge base of global biodiversity

The team from Punjabi University found the two new species when they were on a campaign to document the biodiversity of ants in different parts of the country.

Sunderarajan Padmanabhan
Stripping CO2 of its Villainy

Carbon dioxide is an essential component in the flow of energy in the biosphere.It is an essential component of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide thus is essential for life on the Earth

Madhusudan Joshi