Unveiling the Future of AI: BINNs–Biologically Inspired Neural Networks

A deeper understanding of fundamental mechanisms that govern intelligence is brought about by BINNS, together with the giant stride in computational capabilities arising from the integration of biology and technology.

Monendra Grover, Dwijesh Mishra & Girish Kumar Jha
From science to science communication

 A motivating and aspiring journey of a young girl who followed her dreams, to become an influential science communicator.

Chetna Krishna
A Way to Heal Stem cells & regenerative medicine

Researchers are exploring the fields to unlock their full potential for significant advancements in treating various injuries and diseases.

Raktim Roy
Symmetry — An intricate concept

Symmetry is the science behind the art of nature, man-made drawings and patterns.

PK Mukherjee
Artificial Womb A revolutionary reproductive technology for next-gen humans

The concept of artificial wombs, once confined to science fiction and mythologies, is steadily inching toward reality, propelled by advancements in biotechnology and reproductive science.

Biju Dharmapalan
The Great North American Eclipse 2024

Explore the most-viewed eclipse event in American history and some other interesting facts related to the eclipse.

RC Kapoor
OBITUARY — The Nobel Prize Winning Physicist, Prof. Peter Higgs Passes Away

Get motivated by the life story of a Nobel Laureate and delve into Higgs boson's saga, which won him the prestigious award in 2013.

Dr PK Mukherjee
AI on your device: Why 2024 will be a watershed year for PCs and smartphones

The first laptops and mobile phones with AI capability built into the hardware have reached India: a historic technology turning point for these products, some of which are being indigenously manufactured.

Anand Parthasarathy
Shiitake Mushroom Emerging Food-preneur and an unexplored source of mycoceuticals

Shiitake’ — I am healthy, nutritious, and costly a little bit however, I could help you economically also. Let’s explore myself by knowing more.

M Beura, S Chakraborty, S Sharma, A Dahuja, A Singh & V Krishnan
Nano-respirocytes: A futuristic and cutting-edge tool for the medical science

The timely developments in nanotechnology have opened up numerous new opportunities for researchers to treat various illnesses. The next frontier in medical science research for multifunctional treatment tools is nano respirocytes.

Rahul Goyal