Dwijesh Dutta Majumder: A Life in Computers

The scientist who played a key role in the making of the First Transistorised Indian Computer called ISIJU-1, and one of the first to learn to use computers in India, Prof. Dwijesh Dutta Majumder passed away on 27 June 2020.

Matiur Rahman
The Incredible Journey of Nitrates and Ammonia

It was on the evening of 4 August 2020, that Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, witnessed one of the largest industrial accidents amid the COVID-19 pandemic and an economic crisis.

D.K. Srivastava & V.S. Ramamurthy
Forensic DNA Profiling During & Post COVID-19

In the current scenario, the biological exhibits cannot be processed as routine cases as examined earlier pre-COVID.

Hirak Ranjan Dash
Excessive Sitting & Cancer Risk in Times of COVID-19 Lockdowns

With much of the time spent inside homes studying, watching TV, reading, or even playing games – all the while sitting – there must be a heavy price to pay.

Parvaiz Yousuf
Indian Elderly-Emerging Challenges in the Aftermath of COVID-19

The sudden lockdown made the situation of the aged more vulnerable as they were not prepared, just as no one else was.

Neetu Batra
Combating Epidemics-Pandemics Mathematically

The article presents a brief overview of mathematics embedded in various aspects of the situation created by the pandemic COVID-19.

Kumar Gandharv Mishra
Century-Old Steam Lorry: Restored to its Pristine Elegance at NSCM

While the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic shut down museums throughout the world, the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai snatched the opportunity to restore a hundred-year-old steam engine and a major attraction with visitors, to its pristine glory.

Shivaprasad M. Khened
Improve Sleep Quality – Pick the Right Pillow!

Pillow height can impact the pressure exerted on the various body parts like head, neck, chest, waist and the hip while at sleep. 

Shuborno Das
In Search of Wealth from Waste

The tubifex worms provide a livelihood opportunity to poorer local people. Sewage-fed Adi Ganga water becomes enriched with organic matter, favouring the natural production of tubifex worms.

Subrato Ghosh
Behind the Label

The next time you pick up products from the shelves, remember to read behind the label – it could make you ‘nuts’ or even prevent you from becoming a ‘vegetable’!

Aditi Ghose