150th Birth Anniversary of Khan Bahadur Qazi Azizul Haque: Pioneer in Fingerprint Technology

The year 2022 is the sesquicentennial Birth Anniversary of Khan Bahadur Qazi Azizul Haque, one of the discoverers of fingerprint technology.

Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay
Insulin: A Century of Service

Insulin in its century-long journey in the service of humans can be said to have saved millions of lives and in its new forms it is expected to serve them more effectively.

Ramesh Chandra Parida & Himansu Sekhar Fatesingh
Tracking the Sun in a Novel Way

A look at an idea – which has received a patent in Sweden – and which can be undertaken to mechanically track the Sun’s rays, as an alternative to thermal and electronic tracking which are more in vogue around the world.

Karim Najar & G. Venkatesh
Have We Been Unjust To Galileo & Einstein?

Have we been unjust to Galileo? Or for that matter to Albert Einstein? Well, the list can actually be longer. It appears that we have been unfair to some of the scientists whose contributions stand as milestones in science.

Bhupati Chakrabarti
Eggs: The All-in-One Health Capsules

Nutritionists are unanimous that hens’ eggs are among the most nutritious foods available, being rich in quality proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. 

M. Saleemuddin
Bombs – Weapons of Mass Destruction

Atom bombs, vacuum bombs, TNT, etc. have become routine themes of conversation once again. But few are aware about the science involved in these devices.

Nimisha Vaidy
Gaming Choices of the 21st Century

Parents today face a tough choice when it comes to deciding what kind of games their children should play. 

Neha Tripathi
GSAT-24: India’s Advanced Communication Satellite Launched

GSAT-24 is the first demand driven mission of NSIL post space reforms.

Anand Kumar Sharma
Hiralal Chaudhuri – Father of Blue Revolution in India

This first success in induced breeding of Indian Major Carp achieved by Hiralal Chaudhuri was the beginning of the “Blue Revolution” in India.

Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay
Scientists under the Scanner : Frauds in Science

Chance discovery is a popular phrase in science that turns history into wonderful stories. This term applies to those scientific discoveries which originate in the experimental errors or the results of unplanned experiments.

Rupali Gangopadhyay