Cover Story
Chandrayaan-3: India’s Quest for the Moon

India has bounced back to the next lunar mission with robust technologies, enhanced redundancies, and better understanding. India’s Chandrayaan-3 will shed light on a completely unexplored region of the Moon, its South Polar Region.

Anand Kumar Sharma
Indian Classical Music The Mathematical Patterns that Make it Soulful

In a musical tune, there is often a pattern of beats that propels us to enjoy the music.

Kumar Gandharv Mishra
Computational Gastronomy: Food Science Taking Leaps

An exciting field that has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach food pairing, recipe development, and personalised nutrition.

Neha Tripathi
Train Ticket to Tomorrow

Today the railway ecosystem is one of the best examples of the twin mantras of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Make for the world’. Where the system once struggled to meet domestic goals, it is now a respected source of transportation solutions for many nations.

Anand Parthasarathy
Millets for the Future: CSIR-CFTRI’s Trailblazing Research, Technologies & Products

The Mysuru-based CSIR-CFTRI has for the last seven decadesworked extensively on issues related to value addition of millets, machinery for primary/secondary processing and basic studies supporting translational research. This has helped create a niche with a large number of technologies for the benefit of MSMEs

Meera MS, Usha Dharmaraj, Sreerama YN, Sathyendra Rao BV and Sridevi Annapurna Singh
The King’s Puzzle – A Royal Dream!

Many of us are lucky enough to see fantastic dreams. Yet when we are dreaming, it seems completely real. We never question the nature of the scenes we see.

Jayashree Das and Pradipta Banerjee
S&T Breakthroughs — Snapshot from the Year 2022

A look at some of the major S&T highlights from around the world.

Sonali Nagar
Digitising Indian Economy Thrust on Rural India

With the nearly half a billion internet users in India, a host of indigenous digital services, platforms, applications, content, and solutions are expected to transform India's digital ecosystem.

Naba Suroor & Naman Agrawal
Flying Cars Next stop for urban e-mobility

A global race to launch an air taxi that flies on batteries is on.  As fiction morphs into fact, multiple initiatives make India a serious contender.

Anand Parthasarathy
Web 3.0 & Metaverse: Is this the future of the Internet?

A decentralized blockchain-based Web is a vision of the near-future. Metaverse may transform it into a network of 3-D virtual worlds – and Indian innovation is already evident in this new arena.

Anand Parthasarathy