Essence of ‘My Health, My Right’

In view of the importance of health challenges, and on the occasion of World Health Day, Science Reporter, in its April issue, has given a special focus on Health.

Sonali Nagar
Wildlife keeps balance in ecosystems vital to support life on earth…

In light of the theme for World Wildlife Day 2024, the Science Reporter’s March 2024 issue focuses on wildlife, covering various aspects associated with wild species.

Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal
ISRO’s Aditya-L1 — Reaches its Destination

With this accomplishment, India, in its maiden mission to the Sun, has joined the league of countries advancing solar understanding.

Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal
Public Outreach Making science accessible to all

Celebrating the beginning of 2024, Science Reporter presents its readers with a story about the IISF journey and other exciting features.

Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal
Bidding Adieu!

The journey with Science Reporter, the most widely circulated popular science magazine in the country, has been professionally fulfilling and truly enlightening. One wishes for the magazine to chart new horizons and keep up its avowed objective of making the citizens of the country scientifically enlightened in the years to come.

Hasan Jawaid Khan
Prof. MS Swaminathan is no more — Passing of an era

This issue of Science Reporter is dedicated to Prof. MS Swaminathan, in whose death we have lost a great nationalist, agriculturist and a world thought leader

Hasan Jawaid Khan
Extraordinary Success of G-20 Summit

Recognising the costs of the physical impacts of climate change, the declaration called for urgently accelerating actions to address environmental crises

Hasan Jawaid Khan
Chandrayaan 3 Achieves a Historic Feat!

The resounding success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to space exploration and scientific advancement.

Hasan Jawaid Khan
National Research Foundation: Bolstering Scientific Excellence

The NRF is expected to focus on research priorities with national objectives and aimed at addressing critical challenges and leveraging emerging technologies.

Hasan Jawaid Khan
Purveyors of doom…instil anxiety & helplessness

Today, for many people doomscrolling seems to have become almost a reflexive response to stress or boredom eventually drawing the consumers of such information into a never-ending spiral of distressing news, amplifying their anxieties and leaving them mentally exhausted.

Hasan Jawaid Khan