Computational Gastronomy: Food Science Taking Leaps

Neha Tripathi


Less spoken, less heard, less talked about, but more and more useful in the coming times. It is like a helping hand in the kitchen. It could be in the form of an app answering your queries related to food. It may help you in taking necessary decisions on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, party food, by devising innovative menus. Computational Gastronomy could provide answers to the most dreaded question of the day — What to cook

Computational gastronomy is a field that combines technology and food to create culinary experiences that are unique and innovative. It is the study of the principles of cooking and food science, using mathematical models, algorithms, and software to create new recipes, analyse taste preferences and improve food preparation techniques.

The concept of computational gastronomy is not new to the world but it is unexplored to a major extent. It is a concept of the future so might take time to come to your kitchen. In India, the field is slowly gaining prominence as chefs and food enthusiasts explore ways to use technology to enhance the way people perceive and consume food.

Gastronomy is ‘the art and practice of cooking and eating good food’, and Computation implies ‘an act or the process of calculating something’. So what can be the role of calculations in the art or practice of cooking and good eating?…read more on NOPR