Indian Railways — Riding on Technological Excellence

Hasan Jawaid Khan


The Indian Railways was established 185 years ago in 1837. Initially, trains were used for freight transport or transportation of construction material such as granite for road-building or stones to build dams — these railway tracks were dismantled after the projects were completed.

India’s first passenger train, 170 years ago, ran for 34 kilometres, carrying 400 people between BoriBunder (Mumbai) and Thane. Its thirteen carriages were hauled by three locomotives — Sahib, Sindh and Sultan! Since then, the Indian Railways has made significant strides,growing to become the fourth largest national railway system in the world — witha total route length of 68,043km andrunning track length of 102,831 km.In 2020, the Indian Railways carried around 8.086billion passengers and in 2022, transported 1418.1 million tonnes of freight…read more on NOPR