In Conversation with Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman

Biju Dharmapalan


(Photo credit: Twitter UCLA Chem&Biochem)


Randy Schekman is an American cell biologist who shared the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine with James Rothman and Thomas Südhof for their pioneering work on membrane vesicle trafficking, which is a major way for cells to move essential materials.He is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator and professor at the University of California, Berkeley. In December 2013, Schekman called for changes to the way academic journals publish and for more open-access science publications. He did this by saying that his lab at the University of California, Berkeley would no longer send papers to the prestigious pay-walled journals Nature, Cell, and Science because they were self-serving and damage science.

In this online interview with Biju Dharmapalan, Randy Schekman speaks about his early research experiences and on varied topics concerning today’s scientific world…read more on NOPR