Substance and Shadow of COP 27

Shahzada Ahmad


1.5 Degrees Celsius is the magical border – after that, there's no going back


IF you are a climate enthusiast like me, you probably wait for the next United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) summit and eagerly wait for the actionthat unfolds and the impact it would have on our planet. 

As you are reading this, we have crossed eight-billon inhabitants on our planet, and so is the pressurizing demand for adequate food, water, and energy supply. It took the earth 1+ million years to add 300+ million people, while a billion were added in the last 13 years. How can we adapt to this rapid change, before the population saturates by the end of the century?By 2030 our need for global grain production will be 3 billion tons, from the current 2.7 billion tons, while for the first time this year we have reduced production by 4%. We need to adapt mitigation steps to fight thefactors endangering our planet and which could havecross-cutting implications for safety and stability.

When our body temperature rises by 2º C from 36.6º C to 38.6ºC, we are diagnosed with high fever and visit the doctor urgently. Likewise, our planet needs to go to an intensive care unit for recovery. Energy-based catastrophe is eating the fabric of our society and the world has witnessed unprecedented extreme weather events that have dramatically affected and penalized the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable communities. 

During 6-20 November 2022, at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, 112 world leaders gathered to pledge for COP27, to discuss and deliberate “Together for Implementation” to tackle the global climate crisis by takingadaptive steps,and to translate commitments into action…read more on NOPR