AI-driven Content Writing – Threat for Journalists?

Hasan Jawaid Khan


In late November 2022, a new artificial intelligence based, considerably evolved form of a chatbot, made its debut, and soon became a viral sensation. Developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI, ChatGPT can generate content based on written prompts. Millions of users around the world posed questions prompting ChatGPT to respond with well-argued and well-investigated opinion pieces, creative marketing pitches, and even well-researched academic essays. Now, in the coming days, with further refinements and advances in technology, could such AI-driven content writing tools be a direct threat for writers and journalists?

For quite some time, AI technology is being used to automate the process of producing basic news stories, generate social media posts for businesses and organizations, marketing content such as product descriptions and promotional materials, and even blog posts for websites and online publications. Of course, AI-written articles are currently limited to simple and formulaic topics including stock market results, sports game scores, etc. Besides, AI is saving reporters valuable time by transcribing audio and video interviews. AI can also examine large databases and send journalists alerts as soon as a trend or anomaly emerges from big data. It can provide tools to identify fake news. AI also helps control bias by reducing the subjective interpretation of data…read more on NOPR