Mystery of Time Travel

Meher Wan


Mystery of Time Travel is a popular science book that presents the complexities of time travel in very simple terms. Author Obaidur Rahman is quite successful in presenting the complex theoretical ideas related to time travel with his fluid language and popular style.

The book has five chapters. The first chapter presents the idea of time travel where the author tries to explainwhy the idea of time travel interests not only scientists but everyone. The author takes the help of science fiction, scientific disciplines such as geometry, and concepts like Euclidean space to communicate about the peculiarities of time travel.

In the second chapter, the author discusses about the different stories about time travel. The author explores,going back to 720 AD and informs readers about historical accounts of the idea of time travel in stories and epics of different parts of the world. It is a well-researched chapter which highlights the fascination of humanswith the idea of time-travel and its usage in story-telling in different regions of the world…Read more on NOPR