Social Media to Amplify Scientific Research?

Hasan Jawaid Khan


Crisp, creative, targeted & instant – these are some of the hallmarks of social media communication. A huge population today is spending most of their time browsing for news, information, entertainment or simplystriking and nurturing contacts.It is no wonder therefore that a large proportion of scientific information too can be accessed today on social networks like Research Gate, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

Over the past few years, science communicators have rightly and increasingly being exploiting social media channels to popularize science, demystify complex ideas, and reach out to target groups & stakeholders. And in recent years, researchers too seem to have joined the social media bandwagon to highlight their scientific projects, findings, and achievements – not only increasing their global visibility but also substantially increasing the impact and citations of their research. In addition, scientists and researchers are also exploiting social media channels to build online communities where they can exchange ideas, pose questions, send enquiries and explore collaboration opportunities…Read more on NOPR