Developmental Journey of Propulsion Systems in India

Meher Wan


The book “From Space to Sea” is an autobiography of Dr Abraham E. Muthunayagam. However, it is not just a personal journey, but also a valuable resource to understand the Indian Space Programme and its evolution from launching small-scale research-based imported sounding rockets to becoming one of the world leaders in the field of space. The book is focused around the development of propulsion technologies used in launch vehicles and satellite systems and which are very important components of space systems.

Although, much has been written about the space programme of India, literature on the development of propulsion systems is less available. Propulsion systems are crucial to the space programme of any country. Indian scientists have today mastered propulsion engineering, although a few decades back it was a challenge for India. Mastering propulsion systems is needed not only to put a rocket into space but it is crucially important to maneuver a rocket or satellite during its flight. There are many rocket or satellite systems that require to be shifted from one orbit to another and for this purpose too appropriate propulsion system is needed. It is also needed to adjust the orbit of a satellite. Generally, once the ability to adjust the orbit of a satellite is exhausted, the satellite loses its utility….read more on NOPR