Council of Scientific and Industrial Research: Riding on 80 Years Legacy – Looking to the Future

Hasan Jawaid Khan


Having worked for more than three decades in an organisation that is completing eight decades of its existence, it’s a proud feeling to hear and recount stories about this great organisation. And there are stories aplenty that define the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), an organization that has always been at the helm of Indian science.

There is the oft-repeated story of the 1970s when multinational companies held monopoly over the manufacture of infant baby food derived from cow milk. They refused to set up factories to produce it in India as the milk from buffaloes (consumed majorly in India) had too much fat and it was difficult to develop an easily digestible baby food from it. CSIR’s Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) took up the challenge and developed baby food from buffalo milk,later widely marketed as Amulspray Instant Milk Food.This development was also instrumental in ushering in the milk revolution in the country…read more on NOPR