150th Birth Anniversary of Khan Bahadur Qazi Azizul Haque: Pioneer in Fingerprint Technology

Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay


Not only tangible material wealth, European colonizers robbed Indians of their intangible intellectual properties as well. For almost two centuries they claimed discoveries made by Indians as their own by depriving our own countrymen, the so called native people.  This includes Sir J.C. Bose, Radhanath Sikdar, Kishori Mohan Bandopadhyay, Hemanta Bose and many others.

The year 2022 is the sesquicentennial Birth Anniversary of Khan Bahadur Qazi Azizul Haque, one of the discoverers of fingerprint technology, but the credit went to Sir Edward Richard Henry. Sir Henry developed the “Henry Classification System” of fingerprints but few know that the main architect behind this technique were two unsung Indians – Khan Bahadur Qazi Azizul Haque and Hemanta Bose.