Tropical Cyclone/Typhoon/Hurricane



In India, almost 2-3 cyclones hit every year – some are mild, some severe. In 2022, a severe cyclonic storm Asani hit Andhra Pradesh, a rare cyclone that hit during the pre-monsoon period.

Cyclones tropical cyclones are intense circular storms generally with origin in the warm tropical ocean. It has a low pressure area with high pressure around it. A Tropical Cyclone gets its energy from the sea surface and its wind speed generally exceeds 119 km/hour, sometimes even reaching 252 km/hour with gusts exceeding 320 km/hour. 

The cyclone has three main components — eye, eyewall and rain band. The eye at the centre is calm, the eyewalls are places where winds and rains are the strongest, and the rain bands are areas that spin out from the centre and make the storm big…read more on NOPR