Teachers – Move up from ‘Lecturing’ to ‘Inspiring’

G. Venkatesh & Fredrik Wikström


A few centuries ago, Francis Bacon wrote ‘Knowledge is power’. Bacon has been quoted several times by scientists, writers, litterateurs, philosophers and academics over the years. One of them was Paul Davies, the English writer who believed that science is knowledge (scientia in Latin, is knowledge) and knowledge is power to do good or evil. Knowledge certainly can be used to do good. But how does one define this ‘good’?  Can the ‘good’ also become ‘better’ and keep getting ‘better’ till one can say that it was used for the ‘best’?

Teachers shoulder great responsibility on their shoulders in this regard. George Bernard Shaw may have remarked, ‘If you cannot do anything, then teach.’ Maybe Shaw had fallen out of favour with his teachers in school and did not like them, or maybe the teachers he got were not the most inspired and most committed ones. It is also very well understood though not accepted at times, that teaching can never be ‘one-size-fitting-all’.

In the current scenario when the spirit of pedagogy is threatened by the extreme multi-tasking pressures which university employees in some parts of the world are subjected to, there is no time for tailor-making approaches to maximise benefits for all students…read more on NOPR