Education is Much More Than Creating a Skilled Workforce

Hasan Jawaid Khan


In the month of February this year, CSIR-NIScPR organized a webinar to gauge the views and opinions of students about the digital means of education virtually forced upon them due to the Coronavirus pandemic-related lockdowns. Expectedly, most students from across the country who presented their views during the webinar were quite comfortable with the virtual mode of education being imparted to them by their teachers ( They had taken to it like ducks to water. In fact, they wanted more.

As one student put it, smart phones, laptops and tablets are evolving as tools of education as this generation of students does not want to be confined to simple learning. Another remarked that the learning environment needs to become more universal, online and remote breaking the shackles of physical environments like schools. Of course, they also missed interacting with their teachers and friends physically, which in some sense is a value-add to their entire educational process – a process that should not just aim at giving to the country an intelligent and innovative workforce, but also sensitive, caring and concerned citizens…read more on NOPR