Older than the Dinosaurs



Dinosaurs lived between 230 and 65 million years ago, in a time known as the Mesozoic era. Sixty-six million years ago, a six-mile-long asteroid slammed into the Earth and wiped out the Dinosaurs.

Now imagine life before the Dinosaurs. The first living organism that originated was a plant and it was in the sea. This probably happened two billion years ago and was followed by a long period of evolution and the first plant to move to land was an alga. That the invasion of land was a success was seen in mid-Devonian times, roughly 375 mya, when a great surge of vegetation swept the earth.

The landscape of that time was monotonous, uniform green ? no flowers would brighten the landscape. It would have been a soundless world, lacking the cries of birds and animals. In fact, animal life was still a rarity ? only mites and several forerunners of insects and spiders had crawled ashore…read more on NOPR