Light Pollution – Don’t Take It Lightly

Devanoori Bhanumurthy


In 1994,when the electric power supply in Los Angeles was interrupted due to a major earthquake, residents woke up to the sightof a gigantic illuminating object in the night sky. In panic, they contacted disaster management and rescue centres. Eventually, the illuminating object turned out to be our milky way galaxy. Due to the uninterrupted sky glow –a consequence of light pollution – residents of the city were not familiar with the nighttime sky. 

Light also pollutes. Light pollution, also known as photo pollution, is caused by excessive, irritating and unwanted artificial light is responsible for light pollution. Light pollution has grown to gigantic proportions todayeven becoming a threat to our health and environment.

The word light pollution was first heard in the year 1964 when the astrophysics department of Southern California University was preparing guidelines for selecting a suitable location for setting up an astronomical observatory. Even a faint sky glowcaused by light pollution can affect astronomical observations…read more on NOPR