Zombie Ants: A Case of Perfect Puppetry

Anubha Das


Image credit: Wikimedia commons


Nature is full of astounding, jaw-dropping stories and one such comprises zombie ants with their pathogenic fungus partner, zombie-ant-fungus presenting one of the most fascinating relationships between animals and microbes. 

Carpenter Ants (Genus:Camponotus) are large-sized ants found globally in forested regions and prefer to forage at night. Like other ant species, they are also very industrious, social and live in colonies. They have earned the name “carpenter ants” as they construct their nest by excavating damp wood, making tunnels/galleries through it and hollowing it from inside, a trait that turns them into wonderful forest engineers. They don’t mind hunting down small insects or feasting on dead ones and love honeydew from aphids or nectar from flowers, as dessert…read more on NOPR