India’s Innovation Journey: Products, Processes and People

Anand Parthasarathy


In a year, when the nation is focussed on recalling themilestones and achievements during the 75 years afterindependence, Dinesh Sharma’s comprehensive survey ofthe 100 key ideas that have fuelled innovation in India offerscompelling and inspiring reading for students and lay readersalike.

The author has wisely widened the definition ofinnovation to include a broad sweep of ideas and publicinitiatives that were instrumental in ensuring good governanceand a progressively better quality of life for Indians over thedecades. Beyond the well-documented Green Revolution inagriculture, largely driven by M.S. Swaminathan and theWhite Revolution in milk, steered by Varghese Kurien,as well as the more recent achievements in InformationTechnology and Communication, the book does justice tothe less recognized, but equally notable Blue Revolution infisheries, the Yellow Revolution in oilseed production whichexpanded from sarson to sunflower and soya bean, and theEgg revolution which saw a dramatic increase in productionin the 1980s…read more on NOPR