Mercury Thermometers are out of the market, Why!

Meher Wan


Thermometers are one of the most used devices to measure temperature in a specific range. In day-to-day medical life, measuring body temperature is the most preliminary diagnostic activity to start a medical procedure. But gone are the days when a doctor used to remove the thermometer from the patients’ mouth and carefully check the thin glittering silver-like line of mercury to read the temperature. Today, old mercury thermometers are being replaced with digital and electronic thermometers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, infrared radiation-based thermometers were also used widely to measure the body temperature from a safe distance without touching the body of a patient. However, the accuracy of the mercury thermometers is excellent and highly respectable in the scientific world. Besides, the mercury thermometers are cheaper than other kinds of new thermometers. What then is the reason behind the disappearance of the mercury thermometers from the market? more