Leather for Employment



The leather industry occupies prominence in the Indian economy because of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports. The leather and footwear industry directly employs approximately 4.5 million people, with more than 30% being women.

    Established in 1948, CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Tamil Nadu, has interwoven its research efforts to meet the training needs of industry since the time industry was operating in the cottage sector. Realising the significance of this synergy, the University of Madras handed over the Department of Leather Technology to be housed at CSIR-CLRI. CSIR-CLRI employs Science and Technology to develop society through a strong connection of the academy, research and industry, hosting the trinity model. The Institute's education, training and skill development initiatives nurture human resources and enable the percolation of the cutting-edge technologies developed at CSIR-CLRI into the industry.

The latest in the list includes technologies like waterless chrome tanning process, electro-oxidation based zero wastewater discharge, smart leathers, compost for agricultural applications, product for dry tanning, high-value collagenous products and activated carbon from trimming and fleshing wastes, preservation-cum-unhairing process and biogas for energy conservation. The transfer of such technologies to the leather and leather product industries (existing and startups) has contributed directly to an increase in the existing employee base and new job creation...read more on NOPR