Chrono-nutrition is an emerging field of nutrition research that attempts to understand the impact of meal timings on human health. It is found that in addition to the quality and quantity of the food, meal timing is also critical for a healthy body. The effect of the eating patterns on cardiometabolic diseases has been explored by M. Garaulet & co-authors and they found that independent of energy intake and physical activity, the timing of the meals is also a factor that impacts weight gain. They published a research paper in 2014 with the title “Timing of food intake and obesity: a novel association” in the journal Physiological Behaviour. In 2015, Gad Asher and Paolo Corsi published a more detailed study entitled “Time for food: the intimate interplay between nutrition, metabolism, and the circadian clock”. Much more research has been done and efforts are on to find the detailed effects of chrono-nutrition on human health. The roots of chrono-nutrition are considered to be in traditional Indian and Chinese more