Chunilal Bose: Doctor, Scientist & Science Communicator

Indranil Sanyal


Dr Chunilal Bose (Image from ‘The Scientific and other Papers of Rai Chunilal Bose Bahadur’, Vol 1, Kolkata, 1924)


He was a qualified doctor, excellent medicinal chemist, forensic scientist and pioneer in the public health awareness movement. Dr Chunilal Bose’s (1861-1930) 160th birth anniversary was celebrated this year. Chunilal Bose conducted path-breaking research on poisons and toxicology and extensively wrote on public health and hygiene, and delivered science popularization public lectures on scientific topics of interest to the masses, e.g. Water, Air, Health & Hygiene, Food, Coal, Paper, Matches, etc.

Dr Chunilal Bose was born in Kolkata on 13 March 1861. He was the second son of Babu Denonath Bose of Shyambazar. After his early education in Kolkata, he joined Calcutta Medical College in 1880. He had an excellent academic career in the Medical College and obtained Gold Medals in Botany, Pathology and Medicine and Certificates of Honour and Prizes in Anatomy, Surgery, Midwifery, Medical Jurisprudence, Hygiene, Clinical Medicine and Clinical Surgery. He passed both the First and the Final MB Examinations in the first more