Butterflies of the World

S. Suresh Ramanan


Title of book: Butterflies of the World
Author: Adrian Hoskins, F.R.E.S.
Publication Date: October 2018
Total Pages: 312 pages
ISBN: 9781421427171
Price: $34.95
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Like most people, I too had an obsession for the prettiest and modest Insects – the Butterflies. It is believed that butterflies and moths account for 9% of all life forms on earth. This diversity is really a feast for the human eyes. Poets describe that a fluttering of a butterfly can make an observers’ heart wiggle. The elegance, suave and opulence of this tiny creature has fascinated biologists and it developed into a separate scientific study – Lepidopterology. The knowledge or information gathered by the researchers till date is beyond one man’s or book’s comprehension ability. However, the beginners need a stepping stone and this book Butterflies of the World written by Adrian Hoskins can be the best book to begin. The author’s vast experience and his mastery over the subject are reflected in his writing style.

Before devouring the content of this book, as a reviewer, I would like to highlight some points. There are numerous pamphlets, identification guides and books about butterflies (Braby, 2016; Carter, 2002; Kunte, 2000; Morgan, 2013; Sandved and Cassie, 2004; Schappert, 2005; Todd, 2013). However, these mostly tend to overemphasise on a particular region or focus more on the field identification with colourful photographs leaving the readers with few descriptive details or bombard the readers with too much information...Read More