Leaf Sheep ? Solar-powered Sea Slug

Sidra Kazmi


Image credit: Wikimedia commons


It has a comic resemblance to an animated sheep Costasiella kuroshimae and is popularly known as “Leaf Sheep” or “Leaf Slug”. But it is not a leaf nor a sheep rather an adorable little sea slug of about 5 mm to 1 cm in length. They belong to the family of Costasiellidae. They were first discovered in the Japanese island of Kuroshima in 1993 and are also widely distributed across Asia, with sightings in Thailand, Singapore and Coral Triangle.

Leaf sheep have a small body with multiple green colour spine-like projections called cerata on their back having sparkling dots scattered all over the body and whitish or pinkish colour at the tips, two tiny and black beady eyes and a pair of rhinophores (ear-like structures) on the top of their white head...read more