Battling Pandemics

Divyansh Pandey & Meher Wan


The world has had to battle pandemics time and time again. It took a long time for humans to understand that viruses are the main culprits behind these epidemics and a large number of disabilities and deaths.

In ancient times, when people didn’t know the reason behind the fast-spreading illnesses and casualties and there was no medicine available, they had no option but to try to combat the epidemics by means of changes in social behaviour. Societies practised isolation, imposed bans on travel or transport and resorted to maritime quarantine of persons. Kings and rulers issued orders and made social laws to fight against epidemics.

Later, each modern democratic country created its own Constitution. But often the Constitution alone is not sufficient to overcome all problems. Whenever any new challenge arises, there is a need to formulate new laws (within the constitutional limits) to govern more