The Girl and The Glowing Tree

Monalisa Paul


Maudie has recently shifted to a neighbourhood that has high rise apartments. Both of her working parents have got transfer to this new city. The uniqueness of these apartments were not the lavish provisions but a lush green city forest at the skyline of these tall buildings. It was exceptionally dense and green for Maudie, who had always been engulfed by the hustle and bustle of the noisy cities. For her, it was not less than the Amazon forests of South America.

She felt a strange connection with that forest while gazing at it from the window of her study room. What attracted her the most was the faint orange light which while glowing made a strange halo around the forest during the night.

Maudie was a bright girl. Her new school was no newer to her. She was an active member of her school’s eco-club. She not only actively participated in planting saplings during the plantation week in the school and the area outside it but also made sure that every member of the club should share the responsibility of watering those saplings regularly. During her active speeches regarding eco-awareness amongst her schoolmates, she emphasised the concept of the adoption of a tree like a baby…read more