India to have its own “Footwear Sizing System” for the first time: CSIR-CLRI leads

Meher Wan


The leather products industry in India is worth approximately 17 billion US$ and India’s leather exports were approximately worth 5.2 billion US$ during the last financial year. The Indian leather industry is the second-largest producer of footwear products after China. 

According to last year’s data, India produced 2257 million pairs of footwear out of which 2021 million footwear pairs were sold in the Indian domestic market. The footwear (leather and non-leather) industry has 43.5% share in total leather and leather products export. Still, the Indian footwear industry has been following the British sizing system and its equivalents European and American sizing systems as India does not have its own footwear sizing system.

With increasing foot health and foot comfort awareness, the need for an Indian footwear sizing system was realised. Although the design process of footwear seems trivial, in reality it is a very complex multidisciplinary process that requires many scientific and engineering fields to ensure the foot comfort and foot health of consumers…read more