Now Eat Your Chicken And Have It Too

M. Saleemuddin


Little does chicken Ian, pecking at food and relaxing in its Californian coop, realise that people are gorging on its meat in Singapore. The restaurant 1880, located in the riverside fashionable entertainment centre Robertson Quay of Singapore, now serves nuggets prepared from Ian’s meat grown in its bioreactors. 

In December 2020, Singapore became the first country to permit the sale of lab-grown meat, also called in vitro meat, clean meat, cultivated meat, cell-cultured meat or cell-based meat, for human consumption. The California-based company Eat Just is instrumental in providing the unique treat to customers for the first time. The Chicken, another restaurant in Israel, is bracing to serve chicken burgers, pending final approval from the government.

A number of companies are currently engaged in producing lab-grown meat in various countries including the Netherlands, US, Israel, Japan, Singapore and India…read more