Space Assets and National Security

Kuldip Singh Dhir


Title: Final Frontier: India and space security
Author: Dr Bharath Gopalaswamy
Publisher: Westland Publications
Pages: 256.
Price: Rs 699


The space race of the 1950s culminated in making space assets a crucial part of the defence system of most countries. Space is being used for civilian as well as military programmes and the two are intertwined. Attempts of nations to secure strategic hegemony over the adversaries are often a cause of concern. Rules and laws are required to govern space activities. Codes of conduct, treaties and laws have been evolved. Gopala Swamy’s book offers an in-depth analysis of the present space scenario with special emphasis on India.

        The book starts with PM Nehru giving a go-ahead for India’s space programme, soon after launch of the first Russian satellite Sputnik in 1957, with Vikram Sarabhai at the helm. The Indian National Committee for Space Research (which was later to transform into the ISRO), Department of Space and Space Commission followed. India tested its first sounding rocket, an American one, in 1963. Our scientists took only two years to manufacture a similar indigenous rocket...Read More