Science Communication – Facing the Pandemic Challenge

Hasan Jawaid Khan


Image credit: Pixabay


Communicating risks and uncertainties is always challenging. And communicating the science and facts pertaining to such events is even more challenging. Science communication faced perhaps its biggest challenge during the past year as the SARS-CoV-2 virus rampaged through countries, infecting millions and causing widespread fatalities. More so, because it was a new, unknown virus, spreading rapidly and new information and insights about the virus were becoming available almost by the hour.

While the biggest challenge was the lack of enough and significant information pertaining to the deadly virus, ironically a surfeit of misinformation and fake information was an equally daunting challenge, at least in the initial stages of the pandemic. How did science communication get impacted by one of the deadliest pandemics to strike humanity? There have been many efforts to gauge this in the past year through several more