CSIR-NPL Develops Multifunctional High-security Anti-counterfeiting Ink for Bank Cheques

Meher Wan


Currency notes and bank cheques require multifunctional high-security features to avoid chances of counterfeiting. High-security luminescent ink is used to create security features in currency notes, which get luminescent on exposure to different wavelengths of light/ultraviolet rays. 

The CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL), New Delhi, had earlier developed a unique method of synthesizing industry quality high-security luminescent ink for printing of currency notes which cannot be copied by frauds. The anti-counterfeiting high-security ink for currency notes was using only luminescent properties of ink materials. However, now CSIR-NPL has come up with a new synthesis method to synthesize industry scale multifunctional anti-counterfeiting high-security ink by adding new magnetic features...read more