Know the past, comprehend the present, prepare for the future

G. Venkatesh


21 lessons for the 21st century – Yuval Noah Harari – 2018
Vintage, Penguin Random House, UK
ISBN: 9781784708283


Yuval Noah Harari’s latest book needs to be read after you have digested his Sapiens and before or after you have read through his Homo Deus.

        History may not always be able to help in forecasting the future which is rightfully labelled as a mystery but the present can certainly provide powerful lessons, timely warnings and relevant guidelines to take us into the future. The 21 lessons in Harari’s third book thus far, are categorized into five sections, depicted in the ‘guiding star’ in the illustration by the reviewer. The star sums up Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. The five sides of the pentagon stand for technology (1), politics (2), despair and hope (3), truth (4) and resilience (5)...Read More