Casein – The Case in Cancer

Poulomi Das and Dipanjan Ghosh


Casein protein powder drink mix – a dietary supplement for bodybuilders and athletes


Milk is a white solution of sugar lactose, water soluble vitamins and minerals, and is biochemically known as a colloidal dispersion of protein and an emulsion of fat in water. It is considered a nutritious food that consists of active peptides with biological and physiological properties. The size of active milk peptides varies from 3 to 40 amino acid residues and many are characterized as multi-functional proteins.

More than 25 different proteins are present in milk. Among them casein is the major protein part of milk, other than whey. Casein constitutes 80 per cent of the total milk protein. However, according to the animal breed and stage of lactation, the amount of casein in whole milk more