Three-day International Science Journalism Forum

Harikrishna Thambi


These pandemic times are at the very least strange, if not actively mindboggling or downright tragic. The world has lost much, and continues to do so, but like with everything, there are resilient silver linings – mostly with vital functions like education and communication finding less-than-ideal, but optimal, online avenues of continuing Business as Unusual.

Science Communication and Journalism find themselves in quite the quandary. COVID-19’s global impact has made the public need for scientific education and information more mainstream and pertinent than ever, while also allowing social media and vested interests to promote and parade even more misinformation with motivations somewhere on the spectrum from well-intentioned ignorance to malevolent profiteering.

Simultaneously, the tiny-but-not-insignificant virus has restricted both the reach of science itself – limiting what scientists can realistically attempt or achieve as well as the movement and in-person access to sources, scientists and science that form the backbone of serious reporting, science or otherwise…read more