Exploring Socio-cultural Aspects of Nanotech in India

Dinesh C Sharma

Title: Nanoscale — Society's deep impact on science, technology and innovation in India 
Author: Pankaj Sekhsaria
Publisher: Authors Upfront, 2020
Pages: 163
Price: Rs 495


Nanotechnology is one of the few fields of scientific research that gets highlighted in popular news media. Most of the news stories are about ‘exciting’ developments related to the potential application of nanoscience and technology in medicine, agriculture, environment, energy, food and so on. Many are about how wonderful nanoparticles can be in treating some of the hard-to-treat diseases like cancers and making available drugs more potent. Such stories often catch people’s attention, though the developments discussed may still be far off from becoming usable products or solutions. Indian scientists and research laboratories are on the forefront in this sector, given the policy and funding impetus nanotechnology has received in the country in the past two decades... read more