Deadly Cocktail of Toxic Air Worsening COVID

Hasan Jawaid Khan


Every year as winters approach, the falling temperatures and decreasing wind speeds exacerbate the problem of pollution. This year too, the air quality in the Delhi/NCR region has started worsening with a cocktail of toxic gases from vehicles, construction, and crop burning. But this year we have COVID-19 to contend with too.

Studies the world over have been pointing to an increasing correlation between air pollution and increased risk of COVID-19 disease. A recent study by researchers at the Nagpur-based CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) has established the linkage between deaths due to COVID-19 and air pollution. The research team studied data from nine Asian cities listed among the top 500 most polluted cities in the world in relation to PM2.5. While three cities were from China, Pakistan, and Indonesia, the team selected Delhi, Nagpur and Kanpur in India. The researchers found a relationship between exposures to high level of air pollutants over long periods, and increased reported deaths due to COVID-19…read more