Gaia: The Story of Survival of Human Species

Siddhant Gokhale


Chandra looked at the sky, the pale orangish-yellow dome he and countless others would see for the last time in their life as they left the planet, Gaia, on their space warp drives towards the endless vacuum that surrounded the planet. They had already transmitted a message to the planet 2003-2A which orbited the star Alpha Aldebaran. The name of the star itself was ironical as Aldebaran meant the follower but at present the stationary nature of the region surrounding the planet was the fact on which the fate of their entire species depended. 

As their universe had expanded due to the effects of dark energy and matter it had cooled significantly but the real problem had started when their galaxy had collided with their neighbouring galaxy. A strange quark star had passed through the vast void in their solar system causing a local gravitational effect on the asteroids and the planets and causing minor changes in their orbits around their sun. The main problem was that a chunk of asteroid measuring around 200 kilometres in radius had crashed with the passing quark star due to it being too close to the star’s path due to which a small strange matter that resided in the core of the quark star was transferred on to the pieces of the asteroid that had crashed on the planet…Read more