Sun Rice

Aryaman Kumar


Final model with cooked rice


If there were one word to describe the vibe of the last decade it’d be “Save the Environment”. Ok, that’s three, but you get the point. And an important component of the struggle to save the environment is renewable energy. Large organisations have harnessed the benefits of these resources by carrying out projects, which in turn have yielded promising results. 

However, despite their promising potential, renewable resources are quite far fetched for individuals. People have willingness and knowledge. However, there is always one sneaky issue like cost, lack of resources and even space that comes to spoil the party.

I spent my quarantine days constructing a basic model of a solar cooker under the guidance of my dad’s friend Mr Ravi Karnad. The best part is that it uses solar energy, which comes directly to your doorstep, like an online delivery package. Due to the absence of photovoltaic cells and the need for space, it wouldn't shed weight off your wallet. And it’s perfect for rice lovers!...Read more