OBITUARY — The Nobel Prize Winning Physicist, Prof. Peter Higgs Passes Away

Dr PK Mukherjee


The renowned physicist Prof. Peter Higgs, who proposed a new particle, namely the Higgs boson — that imparts sub-atomic particles their masses, thus helping to bind the universe together — passed away at his home in Edinburgh on 8 April 2024 at age 94. The cause of his death was a blood disorder, according to his close friend and fellow physicist, Alan Walker, at the University of Edinburgh, where Higgs was also an emeritus professor. He is survived by his two sons, Christopher and Jonathan, his daughter-in-law Suzanne and two grandchildren. His wife, Jody, from whom he was separated, died in 2008.

Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2013 for the discovery of the Higgs boson, jointly with Francois Englert, a Belgian theoretical physicist whose work also directly contributed to the discovery. Peter Higgs, in 1964, proposed a groundbreaking theory predicting the existence of the Higgs field. It’s through the interaction with the Higgs field that particles gain…read more on NOPR