Nano-respirocytes: A futuristic and cutting-edge tool for the medical science

Rahul Goyal


Nanotechnology involves developing, manufacturing, and using materials and systems with nanoscale and advanced properties; it has potential applications in medicine, electronics, energy, and materials science. The medical science sector uses a multidisciplinary approach for timely disease detection and treatment. Nanotechnology is the advanced engineering field providing multiple platforms in the healthcare sector to eradicate incurable and fatal diseases. Respirocytes are an example of modern nanodevices bringing together researchers working to detect numerous markers associated with diseases and their treatment without wasting more time, which usually occurs using conventional tools and techniques.

The nanomachine that behaves like a red blood cell is called a respirocyte. As a potential carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the bloodstream, it can replace natural red blood cells. The respirocytes are spherical with a diameter of about 1 µm. Robert A Freitas originally proposed the concept of respirocytes. Respirocytes act and perform like mechanical red blood cells. This artificial nanodevice can function even at…read more on NOPR