A Piece of Moon

Monalisa Paul


A century has passed since Chandrayaan III landed over the moon. Now it’s not the same. The discovery of water on the southern pole of the moon changed the scenario completely. Humans started arriving seventy-five years back. Altered atmosphere. Bioengineered sky with a tinge of light blue colour all over the azure. Green plants grow on the soil of the moon under special conditions. Yet oxygen is sold in small sachets to fulfil human requirements. Yes, humans have started inhabiting the satellite as earth is no longer a habitable place. Though they are dealing with the low gravity of the moon, which is one-sixth that of the earth, people are getting acclimatised to this new environment.

When looking out from the moon, the earth doesn’t seem to be a blue ball anymore. It’s a grey ball. It, though, reflects the sun’s light and glows faintly. All the water has been used up by the humans. The oceans dried up due to plastic pollution. Marine life vanished. Underground water used up. Trees died out not only because of deforestation but also due to the unavailability of water to the roots. Humans carved out tunnels and underground trains or parking lots that cut off the water supply to the plants. Man’s greed and impatience have no limits. The mountains got depleted due to over mining. Their height reduced, altering the precipitation patterns as nothing could stop the moisture-laden clouds that tend to cause rain. To reduce the journey between two destination points, highways and multi-lanes took over the sky, ruthlessly cutting the forests during…read more on NOPR