Climate Change Impact on Agriculture

Jaydev Jana


The rapid growth of human civilisation is colliding with approaching limits to the supply of key natural resources. Due to climate change, the planet's life-support systems are running down, posing a threat to humanity's ability to produce even the amount of food produced today because agriculture is very sensitive to weather and climate. It also relies heavily on land, water, and other natural resources that are affected by climate change. Climate change has already affected the quantity of food produced globally, even though it is small compared to the significant increase in global food production. A study of global vegetable and legume production concluded that if Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emissions continue on their current trajectory, food production could decline by 35 per cent by 2100 due to water scarcity, increased salinity, and topsoil depletion.

Wheat is the most important staple crop in temperate zones and is in increasing demand in countries undergoing urbanisation and industrialisation. It is one of the crops most susceptible to the effects of climate change. Studies reveal that…read more on NOPR