Prince Rupert Drops Unravelling the Phenomenal Strength of Glass Tears!

Ajai Chawla


Have you ever heard of magical glass tears, stronger than steel? Glass that is unbreakable and defies the laws of science? Meet the incredible Prince Rupert's Drops!

Imagine a drop of molten glass, shaped like a teardrop or a tadpole with a large bulbous head, that can withstand a hammer blow or a bullet, but with a tiny touch to its tail, it shatters into a thousand sparkling fragments!

Prepare to be amazed by their incredible strength and mesmerising shape that will leave you wondering, “How is this even possible?” These mysterious teardrop-shaped glass wonders hold a secret so astonishing that even scientists scratch their heads in wonder.

Join us on a journey to discover the fascinating world of stress and tension, where the secret to their superpower lies. Get ready to be hooked, because once you learn about these extraordinary glass marvels, you'll never see the world the same way again.

Once upon a time, in the 17th century, a prince named Rupert was…read more on NOPR