It’s Not Dark Yet…

Monalisa Paul


Bulbuli was roaming outside the house. More than half an hour has passed since it was twilight. The sky was dazzling and everything was clearly visible to Bulbuli. Mother was anxious. She was on the porch waiting for her daughter to come back soon. She called her several times, and when Bulbuli did not listen, she screamed aloud, “Bulbuli, it’s dark. Come back home.”

Bulbuli was startled by her mother’s voice, but she replied, “Mother, two minutes, please. I will be right back.” She was enjoying the view and not at all bothered to go back home.

The mother then mellowed down and called out softly, “Dear please come back home. It’s rooster time. Look, all the birds are returning to their nests. You should too.”

Finally, Bulbuli flew back her home half-heartedly and asked her mother impatiently, “Mother! Why did you call me so early? It’s not dark yet. It is bright outside.”

Mother thoughtfully explained to Bulbuli, “It is not the natural light dear. The sun set almost an hour ago. Twilight passed as well. It’s time to have dinner and go to bed.”

But Bulbuli said, “Go to bed so early? See the sky. I will remain awake till father and brother return.”

Mother then gave a scientific explanation, “This is not the natural light, but an artificial glow created by humans so that they can work efficiently at night when there is no sun. You know, as the greed of humans grew, they created electric light bulbs for working late during the night hours. They are now innovating more dazzling lights…read more on NOPR